Finances: Killing the Budget in Albania & Slovenia ±$1330


As I posted earlier, I took an unexpected detour out of the Balkans and straight into the heart of the EU — where my wallet took a hit, to be sure. Luckily, Albania had been pretty cheap, so the sticker shock of Slovenia wasn’t too troubling. Plus, I know when it comes to paying in Euro, it’s going to cost some pretty serious bank.

Here’s how it breaks down (in USD) for comparison:


Airport Transport (RT): $5

AirBnB (3 nights): $169

Groceries & Food: $100

Sightseeing & Berat Day Trip: $148

Bus fare (2 trips): 8 cents — yes, I’m serious. Each trip was 40 lek.

Total: $422.08


Airfare: $409 (also includes flight to Skopje, Macedonia)

Airport Transport (RT): $21

Hotel: $287 (used a free night to lower cost)

Groceries & Food: $40 (hotel included awesome full breakfast)

Sightseeing: $46 (castle admissions, urban train)

Rental Car, Parking & Petrol: $107

Total: $910

In the end, I don’t regret a dime I spent. It was totally worth it to see Slovenia — which I highly recommend. Just pack your wallet. It’s not London or Paris expensive, but it isn’t Balkans cheap… that’s for sure.

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American expat. University professor. World traveller. Dog lover. Eating and drinking my way through the Balkans for 7 weeks.

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