Montenegro’s Coastal Charm

I’m sure by now the incessant photos of stunning mountainscapes and turquoise waters are getting old. But, oh how Montenegro’s seaside impresses!

I took the bus from Podgorica, a largely communist concrete block jungle, and wound up making my way through Budva and Kotor. I hate busses but the views were worth it. Pulling into Kotor is a gorgeous Orthodox Church and cemetery at the base of the mountains.


Close by is the Kotor fortress with lively water views of Kotor Bay.


A cruise ship was in port in Kotor so I expected chaos. But to my surprise, they left around noon.


The Old Town was supremely charming. I highly recommend a visit. Lovely shops selling great gifts and souvenirs and beautiful architecture. To put it bluntly, Kotor took care of my Christmas list.


Apparently, the cats of Kotor are quite famous. All I know is that they are cute and well cared for. And I’m not a cat person. For those who are, you’ve hit the feline jackpot. Tons of fabulous kitty merch.


There is no shortage of beautiful stonework in Kotor either so don’t forget to look up at the building edifices.


Driving into and out of Montenegro’s coastal cities is spectacular, especially if you can take your eyes off the road and leave the steering to someone else.


The Adriatic is amazing, whether you ar seeing it from the mountains or dipping your toes in it.


I hung out under this monument at the pier for a long afternoon stretch, soaking up the breeze and the scenery.


Nearby, Montenegrins were swimming and having their drinks but I might as well have has the whole place to myself. It was THAT serene.


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