About Amy (and Pokey)

I’m Amy, and I’ve been been traveling extensively for about 5 years now.


Me on a semi-solo trip to Jordan in June 2017

Before 2007, I’d never set foot outside North America. But, since moving to the Middle East in 2014, I’ve managed to set foot in nearly a dozen new countries each year. And I don’t mean sitting in an airport lounge on a layover!  After this trip, I’ll have visited 70 countries. Not bad for a girl who first crossed the Atlantic at the ripe old age of 28!

I’ve set up Bound for the Balkans to cover my most daring adventure to-date: a 7-week, semi-minimalist solo trip through the region. In fairness, I’m not completely alone. My stuffed rhinoceros Pokey is along for the ride.


Pokey scouring a map of the United States before our road trip

Pokey isn’t new to travel. He’s been pretty much everywhere I’ve been since 2007, including our previous “most daring adventure” — a 21-day, 6,000-mile road trip that covered 13 states. More on that soon.

Along the way, Pokey and I will chronicle our adventures, document all the amazing things to eat and drink an share some of our best travel tips.